How to target your application to fit the specific needs of the employer.

One of the biggest mistakes I see job seekers making on a daily basis, is saying everything the employers doesn’t necessarily want to hear. Employers are usually very busy people and the mere fact that they’re looking to hire someone is clear indication that they’re up to their neck in work and need help. So the very last thing they’ll want to do, is go through a maze to know if you fit the profile of the employee they’re looking to hire.

Here’s what I’ve noticed over the past 11 years when dealing with  job seekers and employers alike. The sad reality is that most job seekers look at 2 things when they see a posted job. The job’s title to see if it’s the type of jobs they’re looking for and the skills requirements that’s needed to perform said job. But there’s so much more to a job posting that’s prevents qualified applicants from ever getting past the job application step.

The job’s description is a good place to start, pay close attention to exactly what the potential employer is looking for. Not just skills but the actual duties involved. Then when you respond, key in on those specific areas and force home that fact that you can do all that they want. Highlight those areas very prominently in your application and this will not only make it easier for the ‘busy’ employer to find but it will show them that you pay attention to details. Something every employer homes in on, like a shark to blood. If you can’t act on instructions, you’ll never be able to complete assigned tasks competently.
Before I wrap up this article I’d also like to suggest that you pay very close attention to the specific application process itself. If the employer says to contact them via email and put a certain title in the subject of the email. Do so. They may be using a filtering process to make sure only job applications gets to their inbox. Chances are your application will never be seen or taken serious if you can follow simple instructions on applying.

Good luck with your job search and be sure to check out my website if you’re interested in applying for work or getting career advice.