Finally A Career Guide Which Will Reduce The Stress and Anxiety Out Of The Job Search Process and Show You Where To Find Real Jobs In Your Field Of Choice. Additionally, You'll Master All Job Interviews, Know Your Real Worth And Be Better Equipped To Negotiate A $50,000 Salary With Your Next Employer. You'll Be Transformed Into A Confident And Compelling Job Seeker Who Every Employer Wants On Their Payroll.

If You're Finally Ready To Say Goodbye To Low Paying Jobs, The Stress, Anxiety And Lack Of Motivation That's Been Holding You Back From Your $50,000 A Year Dream Job... I Guarantee This Will Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read...

Are you tired of working that crummy 9-5 job where you’re underpaid, over worked and not appreciated? You peel yourself out of bed in the morning to the sound of that “drill master” we know as an alarm clock, so you could be on time or risk being on the unemployment line.

If you commute, it may mean being stuck in traffic for what seems like eternity on your way home, only to play the “watch the clock” game before you hit the sacks. And when you finally fall asleep, the drill master notifies you that it’s time to do it all again. You’ve got no time to spend with your family and having “me” time is something that’s completely foreign to you.

Be honest with me.. I’m sure you are or won’t be reading this right now.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re tired of getting rejected when you apply for jobs that you feel you qualify for.
  • You simply don’t know where to find good jobs that you qualify for and pays the kind of money you want to be paid.
  • When you find a possible job you’d like to apply for, you have no clue how to really research the job and company to verify that it’s legitimate and you’ve fallen prey to at least one scam before.
  • You’re terrified you’ll say the wrong thing at job interviews and you’re always a nervous wreck with sweaty palms and low confidence when you meet with potential employers.
  • You’re stuck in a rot and have no inspiration or motivation when it comes to making the moves to get a better paying job
  • Your current employment situation is causing you a lot of stress and it’s affecting you personally and your family life is starting to suffer from this as well.
  • Your current situation is just FRUSTRATING and you feel as if your entire world is crumbling under your feet.
  • You’re at a stage in life where you thought you’d be more successful, when you were younger. You had big dreams and plans and it never materialized.
  • You have no idea what your true worth is to an employer
  • You’d love to quit your current “job” but you’re SCARED of the uncertainty.. “AM I TOO OLD?” what employer will be willing to give me the opportunity to prove that I’m perfect for their company?
  • You’ve been away so long from the job market, you simply don’t have a clue where to start

How Can You Raise 3 Children On A $11.50/hr Job?

Hi, my name is Chris De La Rosa and not only do I know EXACTLY what you’re going through personally, I hear the same story of confusion, frustration and disintegration of family life EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Looking back at my life six short years ago and I was in the very same situation. I had been working for less than $11.50 an hour and if I was a teenager living with my parents that would be sweet. I’d have money for clothes, a cheap car, dating and beer on the weekend… heck I could even save up for a trip to an all inclusive vacation in Mexico or Dominican Republic.

However I was a husband and father to 3 beautiful girls.. basically I had responsibilities. With Caron in nursing school and working part time in the bakery department in a local grocery store, it meant we had to live in subsidized housing or we simply couldn’t afford to live.

Times were tough, but we were happy? Well, not really, I worked long shits to make ends meet and with Caron in school and working part time we hardly ever saw each other. Our girls were growing up in day care and babysitters had more influence in their lives than us. We were losing touch with each other and it showed.

My employer at the time was new on the scene (sort of a novel idea at the time) and I had been with them about three years by now, but they had been around for about 5 years by then). They were one of the first companies I knew who did business on the internet. They were an employment themed website, where people could search for jobs, get help with different areas of their career and be trained or upgrade their skills through distance learning.

During those three years I constantly upgraded my skills and was always the one volunteering to go on the seminars etc. I wanted to make it to management level and nothing was going to stop me. I had the ambition, drive and by elevating my skills I knew good things would follow. So I thought.

I was looked over 3 times for promotion and not only did that leave me disenchanted, it was now affecting our family life like never before. Though Caron was a very loving and understanding wife she was starting to get frustrated with our situation (when you can’t afford to join a friend on the weekend for coffee, you know things are tough). She knew how hard I worked and how much time I put into this job, with no reward.

It was a constant topic for fights between us and looking back I could see her point. But the truth is.. I was scared of the open job market. After 3 years in a guaranteed pay check situation I was “comfortable” even though I fully well knew that we could not continue like this. Look back at the points I mentioned above and that was ME! I told you I know exactly what you’re going through.

So did you make out the irony of it all? I worked for a company that teaches people how to find better paying jobs and in my capacity as support staff I read the emails and made suggestions for them. I was the one who put these people who were struggling with their careers in contact with the right person in the organization that could offer help.

My life had become a tale of what if? And where did I go wrong?
But that was about to change quickly!

My entire life changed when I bartered the help of a career counselor. I couldn’t afford to hire a career coach but it so happened that a friend of mine introduced me to a “Life Coach” who wanted to use the internet to promote his services and he needed help with his website etc. During those 3 years I had picked up several skills when it came to online marketing, web page design and other aspects of doing business online so he promised to help me and I in turn helped him by teaching his assistant what I already knew.

After 4 months working with this life coach I was a new person with a new lease on life. And it showed! Caron said that there was a “bounce” about me that she had not seen in years. Not only was I confident enough to start looking for work.. I quit that job and the measly $11.50/hr. Now I’m not suggesting that you go out and quit your job or hire a life coach. Those guys will charge you thousands of dollars. But do keep reading as I have something very important to share with you…

For the first time in my life I knew what I WAS WORTH, I knew where to look for jobs that were not necessarily published in the wanted ads, getting interviews were no longer elusive, I knew what questions to ask when I met with head-hunters and recruiting managers, I knew how and why it’s important to research a hiring company and I now had employers calling me to see if I would accept their job. Timid, agreeable, comfortable Chris was a mere fragment of my memory.

Long story short… I ended up taking a job in a managerial capacity at a competing career management company which ended up buying out the company I once worked for. I made solid money, but I soon found that money is not what drives me. However I must admit that having the money to be able to take 7 family vacations in the past 5 years does take some cash and I’m thankful that we do have it.

Today I’m in the front line (my choice as I love helping people overcome struggles in their lives that I once experienced) within our company (where I’m part owner now). On a weekly basis I’m in contact with hundreds of job seekers who are struggling to deal with life and the effects of a poor paying job or not having a job at all. The recession now means I work longer hours as there are so many people who lost their job and are at a point in life where they think they’re too old to be employable. Debt, uncertainty and lack of confidence is causing people to do crazy things these days. Maybe you’ve seen the effects of the recession first hand?

It’s Not Your fault

I must point out that the majority of what we experience in our careers is not necessarily our fault. Look at what we learned in school or just look back at the example set by our parents. Go to school study hard, and get good grades – graduate, get a job (security) and retire with a nice pension.

Isn’t that what we’re taught from day one? What about the obstacles that life throws at you? Are we prepared for them? I never knew I’d be in my teens when our first daughter was born or our second daughter would soon follow. My life needed adjustments and I was stuck in a rot!

My dad worked the same job at the steel mill until he was forced out a few years back due to cut backs. But he had that nice “pension” to fall back on. That’s the ONLY job I ever knew he had, but having one job all your life is becoming a thing of the past. At some point you will have to at least consider new employment and this is where I want to help you today.

Do you know what a job time line is, how to create one and why it’s so important as you move forward in your quest to secure a job which will see you earn in excess of $50,000 a year? The worksheet or time line you create should cover 8 critical areas which most job seekers ignore:

A. Self-assessment

B. Establishing Career Objectives

C. Developing a Career Strategy

D. Working on Your Resume & other Personal Marketing Tools

E. Networking

F. Job Search

G. Scheduling Interviews

H. Negotiating Offers

Be truthful, have you ever done a job time line?

Do you know what you are worth? Do you know what your career goals are or what your objectives should be? Here’s a simple exercise we uncover in the manual:

List down all that you want to achieve. Rate each goal from 1-10, 10 as most important. Summarize your goals according to ranking. Take note of the first 5 as you prepare your career objectives. Now you have a clearer idea about what your career objectives should be. In the manual we go on to show you how to use this information to your advantage.

Who the heck is Chris and why should I listen to him?

I’ll be quite honest, it was very difficult opening up myself as I did above, since I’m well known online and would really have preferred if my life was not as exposed for everyone to read. But I wanted to prove to you that I know what you’re going through and I wanted to connect with you on a social level so you know I’m genuine and have been there before. I love the wealth of information the internet makes easily available to us, but I see too many innocent people falling to scammers on a daily basis in my line of work.

I’ve been in the industry (Career coaching, counseling and personal development) for several years now and part owner of several top career websites that I’m sure you visit daily. Many of you reading this would already know me and for those of you only just meeting me for the first time, I encourage you to reach out to me via email (see support link) should you have any concerns.

Our network of career websites gets in excess of half a million visitors a month from job seekers globally, many of whom we’ve already helped in some form or the other with their career.

Exactly What is 5 Steps to a $50,000 Job?

Over the years helping thousands of job seekers realize their dreams (dream job) we’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people go about searching, finding and securing a better job than what they already have, the wrong way. And this is the number one cause for failure and the resulting low self esteem that follows.

This is why they stick it out at the dead end job they absolutely hate.

5 Steps to a $50,000 Job ManualI was fortunate enough that when my life was starting to nose dive out of control, I got the help of a life and career coach. But in reality, only a handful of us can afford such, so this is where the idea for this manual was conceived. Me and my associates saw the need for this, especially since we started seeing thousands of people start losing their jobs due to the recession and the job market getting crowded with all these new job seekers.

We spent the next 8 months compiling the information we knew people needed and it turned out to be a few hundred pages of raw information. We wanted to cover everything and at the same time make it into a manual that you had to actually participate in (thus the work sheets). We feel it was the only way for you to ask yourself the questions that were needed to be asked.

As you can imagine it was a difficult process of condensing 30 years + of experience (combined experience of all contributors to the manual) into a manual the size that will not overwhelm, will be read and still stand out as being one that covered every aspect of getting to a job which will pay you over $50,000

We’ve broken down the entire process into 5 simple steps …

Step 1: Facing Reality

Coping with Change

Step 2: Career Planning

Formulating Career Objectives
Setting a Career Path
Knowing What It Takes

Step 3: Skills Development
Gaining Essential Skills
Acquiring Knowledge

Step 4: Job Hunting
Preparing Your Career Tools
Preparing the Interview
Assessing Job Offers

Step 5: The New Job
Getting Hired
Fitting In
Having the Right Mindset

Don’t Continue Reading Unless …

Before I get to why you need to get 5 Steps to a $50,000 Job I want to be very clear about something. If you fit into any of the statements I make below, close this page and never come back here again. There’s absolutely nothing here for you… I’m sorry but I have to be brutally honest. I refuse to encourage anyone to spend money on something that they don’t need.

  • if you already have a job paying $50,000 or more and you’re happy.. this in not for you (my mom told me that money does not buy happiness, so don’t kill yourself going after the buck)
  • if you plan on getting this and having it sit on your computer or used as a place mat on your coffee table.. this is not for you
  • if you think this is a magic potion that will instantly get you making in excess of $50,000 a year in the next job you accept and you have no intention of putting in the work..this is not for you
  • if you are not open to the years of experience and knowledge I’m about to share with you… this is not for you
  • if you’re the type of person who buys books, manuals and pays for training but never read the entire thing or put some of the principles presented into use… this is not for you

However if you have the desire to have a better job, one that will pay you what you’re worth, one where your skills and experience will not go unnoticed (no matter how old you are), one where you don’t feel like an employee but part of a team and one where you can sleep at night knowing that you finally have job security, then this is meant for you. I want to know that my experience, along with those of the other contributors to this project will be put to use. We will hold you by the hand and show you:

  • how to get out of the rut
  • how to find the jobs that you could never find before
  • how to apply and secure those jobs (we’ll help with your resume, cover letter and prep you for the job interview)
  • how to negotiate a salary which will reflect what you’re really worth
  • how to command a position that will reflect your skill level and experience
  • how to convince an employer to put their trust in you, even if you don’t have countless years of experience in the field (this alone is worth the cost of the manual x’s 10)

But before all of that we will go through the steps you need to practice to build your self confidence and get you prepped for what’s ahead. Like any journey you need to prepare, plan and put into action or risk getting lost the very second you start off.

You’re probably saying “Chris, you talk a good talk but can you deliver?”

I’m certain you’ve come across career manuals or adverts from career coaching programs who may have offered promises similar to what I mentioned above. If you haven’t, then you certainly need our training as your research skills suck (sorry, had to be blunt again) And without any experience with those I can’t really compare our manual to those. And to be quite honest I don’t even want to get into that comparison thing. We have faith in the life change we’re offering you today and this is why it comes with a full money back guarantee (see below). Let’s still scrutinize this a bit so you can clearly see people come to us when they need help with their career:

  • The training, information and resources you’re about to receive is current. As mentioned, I work in the industry and this manual is a classic combination of tried and tested formulas, combined with the most current information there is as far as career research, advancement and self assessment there is.
  • Much of this is based on my personal experience and the experience our team have gathered over the last 6 years in helping job seekers achieve their goals. This is NOT hearsay or based on the freelance writing of a paid writer some hundred of miles away in the Philippines. This is as real as it gets and very relevant to today’s job market.
  • My team and I have combined 30 years working in the industry. Even today we have a network of over 10 career portals online with thousands of visitors daily and a select coaching client list that’s been privy to our personal coaching for the past few years
  • This is the first time anyone outside our select group of coaching clients will have access to the material we’ve put forward to you. Our clients have all achieved some for of success with our help and I would love to share their names with you. But I’m sure you can understand that we’ve signed documents to keep their names confidential.
  • Rest assured that not only have we made every effort to keep the information as current as possible, we also promise to give you access to all future updates, which I’m sure we’ll have to start working on very soon. Though some of the fundamentals may stay the same, certain aspects will change with time. Not too long ago applying for a job via an email was unheard off.. but that’s part of life now Coincidentally, do you know how to format your resume for an email or did you know that many employers will not accept a resume that comes in as an attachment in your email to them?
  • Cost – Do you have any idea how expensive it can be to hire a personal coach to do basically what we’ve done in this manual? We could easily be charging you about 10 times what we’ve priced this manual at.

What Customers Are Saying!

This is a brilliant tool. I’ve definitely learned a ton with it in the 4 short weeks I’ve owned it.  Because I freelance I have to know my worth when speaking to potential clients, something I wasn’t clear on in the past. Not only do I know how to price my service, but my interviewing confidence has gone way up. Your guide is also perfect to use to brush up on my presentation and self-promotion skills whenever I go in to a client meeting. Love it.” — S M Jaleel, Java Programmer


“Usually before job interviews I would get so nervous! I would just study my resume before-hand and then nervously repeat what was on my resume. Seriously, I would get so nervous that I would sweat, and I could feel my heart beating faster! Since I got your guide, I’ve learned to take my experience and spin it in a positive way for almost any kind of question. In my last interview I felt so much more confident and prepared.  Thanks again for giving me the confidence and skill to master the job search at my age.”  Gregory Preston


I found your guide to be fantastically insightful. Everything I have read is just…pardon my gushing, but…amazing! Not a rehash, not a rewrite, not useless drivel. I think it is a fantastic, high-value piece of work. The Career Planning chapter alone is well worth the price… I made a few changes to my approach using the worksheet and in less than 3 weeks I landed an excellent job.” Kathy Adele.


“Going back into the job marketplace after 23 years at the same company was very intimidating for me. I felt old, useless and as if I could not compete with the kids coming out of university. That changed immediately after I download and started to read the self assessment part and use the other worksheets in the 5 steps manual. Chris, your years of experience helping people secure work is evident in every page. In 3 weeks I’ve already refused 2 positions.. yes I have job offer I can refuse.”  Tracy Brown.


Pure Gold – The chapter that helped me the most was the one that dealt with networking. Truly a gem for anyone looking to take their job search beyond the classifieds in the local newspaper. Love the step by step approach on how to use this to your advantage when looking for a better paying job. A sincere thanks from someone who’s been unemployed for 13 months – now gainfully employed with your help.” Patrick James.

60 Pages Which Will Change Your Life Forever!

It was never my intention to have you read such a long letter, but I really wanted to make sure I fully explained the importance of this manual and how it can affect you and your future in the next 60 days. I’ve been exactly where you are today, but if I had to pay a career coach those years ago I would still be stuck where I was.

I was lucky to stumble onto someone who needed my help as much as I did his. Imagine having to pay in excess of $1,500 for career coaching, since that’s what they usually charge. I could never afford that…can you?

You’re getting full access to our entire coaching program that our private members have had access to, but at a massive discounted price. I’m not at liberty to tell you the exact price they pay, but it’s a few hundred dollars. Immediately after your purchase we’ll take you to a secure area on our website where you can access the material immediately. There’s no waiting for the mail to arrive to get started. Time is against you, as there are thousands of job seekers looking for the same job you’re hoping to land so we want to start your training right away.

YES! I Would Like To Get The 5 Steps to a $50,000 Job Step-by-Step Manual

I understand that I am getting a superb job manual capable of following step-by-step to get a $50,000 job.

I understand that this is such an amazing package and such a valuable offer that will solve my job seeking problems forever.

I understand that I am getting the manual itself, and only paying ONE-TIME for it!

$67 $47!

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Test Drive This For Full 60 Days – Get Your Money Back If Unhappy!

Look, I’m sure you’ve come across sales pages online with all the fancy wording about their guarantee. But in reality when it’s time to actually process a refund for an unhappy customer they make you jump through hoops. I’m well known online (in a good way) and I’m not about to risk my (and my colleagues) reputation for a few dollars.

Get the 5 Steps to a $50,000 Job and keep it for 30 days no 60 days, if at any point you feel this is not for you, simply contact our support team and they will immediately process a full refund for you. They don’t even need my authorization to give you the refund. You’ll have 60 days in which to go through the manual with a fine tooth comb to ensure that you’re happy with it. Check the BB if you wish, I assure you that we have absolutely nothing to hide.

I’ve tried my absolute best to describe in detail the benefits of the 5 Steps to a $50,000 Job, how it will help you in meeting with your career goals and finally making $50,0000 a year. However if you’d like to continue on the current course your life is heading, do nothing. But in doing so you must take responsibility for your inaction.

I see many good people on a daily basis whose life is spiraling out of control and I sincerely hope this is not the case with you. You have the power right now to take control of your situation and with our help make the changes that will see a brighter future for you and your family.

The self doubt, lack of confidence, uncertainty and total confusion must stop today! But it means you taking action right now. Sacrifice the fancy cup of coffee you’d buy the next month or so and use that money to get the book. We’ve priced it very reasonably and remember it comes with the guarantee (my word). So this is a win-win situation for you.

Ask yourself this: Is this the life you want for yourself?

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Chris De La Rosa

p.s. Additionally, You’ll Master All Job Interviews, Know Your Real Worth And Be Better Equipped To Negotiate A $50,000 Salary With Your Next Employer. You’ll Be Transformed Into A Confident And Compelling Job Seeker Who Every Employer Wants On Their Payroll.