How To Follow Up With An Employer When They Say Not To.

One of the most important steps in the job application process, is following up with the employer after you’ve sent in your application. As I’ve discussed in a recent episode of the Work At Home Minute, there are many job seekers who completely ignore this step. Little do they know that it could be costing them a chance at an interview for a job that could turn out to be the one of their dreams.

I’m sure you’ve come across vacant postings where the employer is very specific that they do not want job seekers contacting them after they’ve applied. Why do hiring managers do this? I guess it saves them on time and effort on having to deal with hundreds of eager job seekers emailing and calling for an update on the position. In most cases the hiring employer just does not have the resources to handle that amount of interest. So how do you know if the position is filled or not?

I’m a huge supporter of following rules, but there are times when we are forced to bend them, especially when it comes to a life changing event like landing a job of your dreams. I recall applying for a lower management position when I fresh out of college and I was so excited at the prospect of getting an interview that the “don’t contact us, we’ll contact those we wish to speak with further” didn’t matter to me. I called the hiring manager, but not as a follow up to my application, as I knew that would discount me from the position. With my most professional voice I said ” I saw you had a job posted in “NAME OF PUBLICATION HERE” and I’m calling today to inquire if it was still available or if you’re still accepting applications.

With the approach I took, I didn’t break their rules by asking if they got my resume, etc. However, by the response I got I was able to tell if the position was indeed filled or if they were still going through the applications they received. This way if the position was filled, I could move on and not wait around hopelessly wondering if I would ever hear back from them.

Are you following up with employers?

How To Tell If A Job Is Scam.

It’s amazing to me how many “smart” and “cautious” people fall prey to vast array of scams there online today, which target job seekers especially. The scammers are getting really good at what they do and though many people can see through these scams and avoid them, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to be a victim. The scams we see today are cleverly disguised and there are times when I (with my years of experience) must take a few looks to actually see that it’s a scam.

Can you spot a “job” scam if you were presented with one? In this video we’ll cover 3 simple steps you can take during your job search to ensure that the job you’re applying for is not just a scam to try and get money or your personal information. Even if you think you’ve seen it all and that you can spot a scam from a mile away, still take a look at the video and do make it a habit that you practice the steps which were pointed out.

In this video we cover:

- using google or any search engine

- forums and discussion groups

- the Better Business Bureau