Successful time management in a clock free world

It’s clear that working from home is just about everybody’s dream job, with the amount of daily visitors we get at our work from home job listing site.  You get to set your own hours and work in your pajamas.  You can be home with the kids and save money on daycare services.  Plus you do not have to answer to anyone but yourself if you work on a freelance or contract basis.  This all sounds great right?  What most people don’t realize is that this can be a difficult job to do if you are not disciplined enough to use some sort of time management techniques to make sure that you’re actually doing your job and not watching TV or trying to do your chores.

You may find it’s hard at times to work from home while caring for your children and the house,  if you do not manage my time well.  You may think you are doing well by doing a little of your work as well as personal things but in reality, you are taking away from the time that you can be working.  With proper time management, you can manage all of the things that you want to do all while being able to work from home.

Here are some time management tips to help you keep on track and stay focused on what you need to be doing.

•    If you find that you are being pulled to do things with the kids more than you are getting to work, then it may be time to look into hiring a playmate for the kids for a few hours a day.  This is really inexpensive and the amount of stuff you can accomplish in the time they are occupied will be well worth the $20 you give the sitter to sit and play with them.  It is cheaper then having someone watch the kids while you are out as you are still there, they are merely there to play with the kids.

•    Have set times that you do things.  Make a certain time that you check email as apposed to checking it many times a day.  Block off an hour to work on household things and stick with it.  Remember that if you were at a job away from home you would be doing nothing but that so look at your home job as it is just as important.

•    Make a timer your best friend as you can really stay on task if you allow only a certain amount of time for each task.

•    Get set with a routine.  Do things at the same time each day and you will find that you are much better organized.

•    Be sure to keep the limits that you set and set aside a special place such as a home office that you do all of your business in.  Working can be very difficult if you try to work where ever in the house.  Let your family and friends know that when you are in the office you are at work and schedule certain breaks that you can be available for the family.

Personally I’ve found that by using a calendar, dry erase board and training my family on my systems, works best. They know that if they need me they should consult my calendar thats posted where they can see it. So if my daughter wants a ride somewhere and my wife is not around, she can clearly see if I have something scheduled or not. Everyone knows that when my office door is closed I need silence or some level of them being quiet. I’m either on the phone or concentrating on something. The dry erase board I use to list what I expect to complete for the week. This way I can clearly see what I’ve accomplished and what still needs my time.

With the right work at home time management strategies, you will be well on your way to making the best out of your home job or business in no time.  You will be able to enjoy the benefits of working from home with ease.